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Bitcoin is decentralized, and so are we. We use various strategies and business models, including outsourcing to third-party hosting providers or hosting our own operations, to maintain a diversified portfolio of Bitcoin mining sites in multiple states and countries. At Marathon, we are building one of the largest, most energy efficient, and most technologically advanced Bitcoin mining companies in the world.

Our Fleet Across the World

Average Hash Rate

21.1 EH/s

Operational / Energized Hash Rate
29.9 EH/s
Installed Hash Rate
29.9 EH/s

POWER                     Grid

Cooling      Air    Immersion

Total Operational Miners


Fleet Efficiency
20.4 J/TH
Total Megawatts
60 MW
Total Sites


% of Bitcoin Network
0.02 %

Tow, Mongolia

Powered Type


Cooling Method



Hash, Rate

0.2 EH/s
3.6 EH/s
7.1 EH/s

Diversified Portfolio Approach to Bitcoin Mining

Each Bitcoin mining deployment comes with its own set of constraints, and each requires a curated approach. We adapt accordingly. Over time, we have used different strategies and structures to build a portfolio of Bitcoin mining operations that is designed to diversify risk across our organization.

Third-Party Hosting

Historically, Marathon has outsourced most its hosting requirements to third parties who are responsible for operating and maintaining our Bitcoin miners. This strategy allows us to move quickly to scale our operations and gives us the flexibility to focus on investing in the newest Bitcoin mining technologies, including hardware and immersion cooling infrastructure.

Self Hosting

Marathon’s original facilities were self-funded and self-hosted. Today, we are leveraging our expertise in building and operating our own sites to grow our hash rate in new geographies and with like-minded organizations looking to enhance the resilience of the Bitcoin network. By jointly working alongside regional experts to design new facilities from the ground up, we can maintain greater influence over projects that require a more hands on approach.

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